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Why does lingerie cost what it costs?

Probably a question that a lot of men especially will ask!  Our blogger at Sipsey Lingerie explains some of the reasons why.

We do get asked quite often why do the brands in Sipsey Lingerie cost as much, and why are they better than,for instance, a high street bra for £6 or £20 pounds.

The simplest answer is – quality! We would always advise you to invest in several good fitting high quality bras than have tons of cheaper ill designed lingerie pieces, which you would anyway throw away after a couple of washes.

Pricing depends mostly on 2 things – the amount of time put into the making of a design, and the cost of the materials used. The time it takes to develop a bra involves many stages and processes – from sampling, fitting and grading, to photography and marketing.




The majority of the brands you will find at Sipsey Lingerie take at least one year to design. In example, Chantelle, a brand famous for its impeccable fit, usually spends 18 months from start to finish on the garments. Fleur of England, a much smaller maker (compared to Chantelle) of luxury lingerie, take 12 months to be absolutely sure that every part of their collection is exquisite. It actually takes more fitting sessions for a bra, than for a T-shirt.

For the sewing of the fine lingerie, which is made out of high quality and often delicate fabrics, are required workers with special skills set. Many of the decorations are custom created, and embroidery is a long expensive process even in countries with cheaper work, but highly professional work force in this field like India.


High quality fabrics don’t just look beautiful, but also feel gorgeous on. They are difficult to source due to the smaller demand and are more expensive. Natural fabrics like silk, and even cotton, are a wise choice for a lingerie investment. Even custom printed fabrics like the ones you can notice in Stella McCartney’s lingerie collection are costly to develop – from the design and print process to the cutting. Grading is a long stage in lingerie production – a pattern is supposed to look as good on a 32A as on a 36F. Pattern matching visible on Chantelle’s, Millesia’s and Simone Perele’s bras would cost the company – meters of lace would be unusable in order for the perfect product to reach the stores. It can also be the most expensive element of the bra, depending on finishing, and custom design.

A high quality bra would have about 40 parts. The finishing method used would be much more time consuming to the regular stitches used by manufacturers, but would be extremely comfortable. Even parts like the elastic would be higher quality. This would enable them to return to their original shape, instead of loosing up after one wear.




In this day and age we are used to pay very little for clothes. In order for manufacturers to keep low costs, it is often that factory workers are exploited. All of the garments in Sipsey Lingerie are produced in the brands factories, and although some of them are abroad, laws and regulations are strictly followed to secure fair trade.

Invest in your chest. Select your good fitting high quality bra wardrobe and rest assured you would feel (and look) completely different. Let us show you what the right fitting bra can do for you!


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