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Valentine’s Day – Some Tips on What To Buy From Sipsey Lingerie

Here comes another Valentine’s day we see men panicking what to buy, how much they should spend, and really thinking about what will satisfy their partners.

We could write you a general gift guide, and say you should buy this and that. However, we decided to rank the gifts you will most likely buy this Valentine‘s instead. Of course, we will be here to help, provide advice and guidance, but this doesn’t mean we can’t categorize the ideas we have.

The classic gift

This is the go-to Valentine’s gift and majority of men ask for one thing when they step in the boutique – red lingerie set. You are actually very lucky, because although through out most of the year red lingerie is definitely not a best seller among the ladies, in February most brands come up with special limited edition sets. Our advice if you are definitely choosing red lingerie, is to go all in. Pick the sultriest lacy silky set – it will be a piece every woman really wants in her wardrobe, but is too afraid to buy.


The body to match

In recent years bodies have become a key part in designer lingerie collections. Be it boudoir pieces that will never be worn outside of the bedroom, or the most comfortable pieces a woman wears constantly, even as outerwear. You can always choose to match it with bra and briefs, but even on its own, the body is a great gift.



The safe and sound

This is an easy option, safe choice for all – cami and shorts set. Choose a silk cami and shorts set and it is difficult to get it wrong. The sizing is much easier to understand – usually it is small, medium and large, which means no cup or band sizes to remember.


The cover up

Another great gift many women would enjoy is the robe. As Valentines is a romantic holiday and we expect something sexy in that wrapping paper, choose a silk or lace robe. It could be a great compliment for a lingerie set she  already bought, or you can pair it with something you choose.


The cosy night in

This is a gift we don’t really suggest to couples that have been together for more than 6 months and less than 20 years – the cotton pyjamas. Yes, novelty pyjamas are a great choice, but only if she has mentioned that she could use a new comfortable PJ. Otherwise, refer to the rest of the list.



The big risk big reward

You are going all in, and you decided to choose the laciest set of lingerie, which could be only described as “barely there.” We salute you for the bravery! Our advice: know the woman you are buying for. If she does like boudoir pieces, or if she has mentioned trying something new, you are on the right track.


The frisky risky

You decide to choose handcuffs and nipple covers as your only gift? If this is the case, you should buy lots of chocolate and champagne, to balance it out. The little accessories are a great add on gift, but they should definitely not be the only thing you are giving to her on the 14th.


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