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Portals- Which should be used to promote your home?

With plenty of options available for promoting and selling your house online its important that you pick the right portal and platform to get the best results……..


Choosing a portal on which to feature a property is the decision of the estate agency, but it is the decision of the homeowner whether to accept that guidance or go with another estate agency that uses the best portal.
I guess everyone has probably heard of Rightmove, the #1 portal for promoting your property. It has 90 million visits a month for property search, far & away the biggest. In second place is Zoopla.com. Launched in 2008, it attracts over 40 million visits each month. In third place for most site visits is Prime Location.com (owned by Zoopla) with around 5 million. The newest entrant, On The Market.com has 2 million visits per month.
The market share for listed properties also makes interesting reading. Rightmove again lead with over 1 million homes listed for sale/rent, Zoopla have 800,000 listed and OntheMarket have 225,000.
Only on social media sites is there a different table. Here, Zoopla lead Rightmove with nearly 300,000 likes compared to 154,000. Onthemarket comes in with 2,480 likes. On twitter, normality is restored with Rightmove having 72,600 followers against 56,700 following Zoopla.
2,480 for Onthemarket since you ask!!
Now, you might ask what difference does the choice of portal make to selling my home. And, the answer is it makes quite a considerable difference. Most buyers these days search online via a portal for a suitable property rather than looking at individual estate agency web sites. The estate agencies have only themselves to blame for this loss of control on their leads. Much like fast food & religion, when the portals first started up they offered instant gratification and agencies were quick to jump on the bandwagon, without a thought for building their own brand. Nevertheless, the portals are now a fact of life and what matters most when selling your home is the interest it creates on these portals. Consequently, if your home has exposure on RightMove & Zoopla, it will have combined search potential of 130 million vs. a combined search potential of 95 million with Rightmove and Onthemarket. The more potential buyers that can view your home on these portals, the better your chance of not only selling, but selling at a premium price.

Interestingly though, several estate agencies in Solihull have decided to align themselves with Onthemarket. The OTM signs feature heavily in the windows of John Shepherd, Andrew Grant, Hunters, Xact, Solihull Homes and Dominic Murphy. Others such as Simon Burt, Melvyn Danes and Burchell Edwards have chosen another option. One of the questions that you need to ask any estate agency, therefore, is why have you chosen to feature a property on OTM as opposed to Zoopla, for example? There are some reasons that might be considered worthy, but we’ll leave those ’till next time!!

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