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Estate Agencies – the #1 question to ask them!

Ruxtons, John Shepherd, Simon Burt, Xact, Hunters, DM & Co, Centric?? Plenty of choice when considering which estate agency to invite if you are selling in the New Year. But, what makes any agency different, because if they are ALL the same then the value you put on their respective fees is all that will matter.

Of course, all the agencies will claim they are different. They will all claim to be passionate about selling property, they will all claim to be experts at customer service and all will promise to leave no stone unturned in a search for the best offer for your property. Go ahead, ask any of them “What makes your agency different?” Said differently, “What is a compelling reason for choosing your agency?”

These questions will tell you far more about each agency than the valuation or the fee ever will. They will help you determine the BS from the clueless and eventually lead you to the one agency (the best one) that knows WHY they do what they do and whether you have any affinity with that agency.

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