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Cookery Show Planned For Solihull Today

We are delighted to announce that we have put plans and a filming schedule in place for a new cookery show soon to be aired on Solihull Today.  Working with Isabel Natrins, also known as Once Upon A Cook, we will be producing a series of cooking videos with information and advice on how to cook as well as the best food to buy, how to use it efficiently to get the most out of it and much more.

Isabel is a Solihull based chef with a wealth of experience who will make you look at food in a completely different light.  Its not going to be about weird and wonderful food dishes and creation just all about good, simple to make, homecooked food with some of Isabel’s very own Food Wisdom thrown in too.

Shooting starts next month and we hope to have the first episodes out soon after that.  Stay tuned and subscribe to our You Tube channel to watch the shows.

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