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Theory Of Everything

theory-of-everythingAll I can say is WOW. Please make sure you have nothing to do and as little on your mind as possible when you watch this film, I put it on and turned it off. Two days later I decided to watch it properly, headphones on no thoughts and  a dark room, and this is up there in my favorite films. If I did not do film for a living this would be a eleven out of ten.

The use of anamorphic cinematography throughout helps with low f-stops and 2015 inde-style framing  just creates some really trendy shots. Love the anamorphic wide angle lens whacking shot when Stephen gets diagnosed. Honestly its great movie and its that strong that I have knocked a one of a ten out of ten, because the “familycam” sections where terrible, graded horrible (forgiven for the year that it was set in, families didn’t have Sony handy-cams or DSLR’s) but as a film maker I like a set style or if it changes for it to be quite good and for a reason, which leads to the only other gripe and that is the grading of some shots are a bit non flow-ey, if I can use that word. Some are horribly graded the intro sequence looks like the camera operator forgot to white balance, it was too blue (Preference thing though).

That’s enough techy speak, the story was worth Seven of those points, it was like a TIME passage not a film, recreation or adaptation. It felt so real and you could feel every pain that all of the characters felt throughout the film. The acting was “what they were acting”. I really cant explain this film it moved me in ways like no other film has before. I don’t know whether its because I’m older and can understand and sympathise with these emotions or the way the film was built by the camera op, editor and director. I cried 4-5 times during this film. The only other film I cried at was Green Mile, I think the reason this drew more tears was because it was so believable and produced so well. It doesnt feel like someone is making someones story it is actually you experiencing the facts and you can make up your mind, on these two people. This is a classic now, I never want to see someone else reproduce or remake this film in any way, leave this as the classic. Totally impressed.

My final words are nothing to do with the film, but how amazing Jane Wilde and Stephen Hawking really are. “If everyone just had a bit of what they had”. (providing film is true to real life events)


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