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Lucy 2014

lucy-scarlett-johansson-posterMe and my girlfriend went to see this movie based on recommendations and that it actually looked quite different. It was different I will give them that. It was terrible, the science really lacked apart from the time concept towards the end which was the only incredible bit of the film. The rest was poorly acted and slow all the way through.

Nothing brilliant in terms of filming either just your standard Hollywood, with the odd arty shot. It is packed with action. It just feels like a uni project, where the student has very very rich parents, just tried to be smart and it has not worked.

The plot was extremely simple and poorly¬†thought out. The acting in some places were appalling. Punching the air scenes. So if you fancy a laugh watch this, it’s quite embarrassing in parts.

It’s probably one of the worst films I have seen that I was excited about.



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