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Jurassic World

As the fourth film in the Jurassic series hits the big screen this summer, its safe to say one thing straight away – as far as Jurassic World goes, you’ve already seen it. That is, if you have watched the original Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park II – The Lost World or Jurassic Park III then you already know the format and pretty much what is going to happen. In a nutshell – the dinosaurs are great, everything is going well then there’s a bit of a cover up with a sinister development, something goes wrong, there’s a bad guy involved and the dinosaurs wreak havoc. The hero then saves the day. But if you can get beyond the well used, tried and tested storyline, Jurassic World isn’t actually that bad.


Its fair to say that these days, CGI doesn’t impress audiences like it used to. In fact people expect CGI in a film like this. Seeing the dinos for the first time doesn’t have the same impact as in the first Jurassic Park movie but they are still impressive and it’s a testament to the technology today that its taken for granted that the dinosaurs look completely lifelike.


The film is set in the Jurassic World theme park, the original problems of the first park experiments have been overcome and its now a fully functioning, popular tourist attraction with dinosaurs of every type entertaining the crowds including baby dinos that children can ride on like donkeys at the beach. However like with any theme park there is an ever growing need to provide bigger, scarier and more exciting attractions which is why the scientists at Jurassic World start to genetically engineer new breeds of dinosaur. Their latest creation is the Indominus Rex which is basically the biggest, baddest dinosaur that has ever existed. This is where the fun starts……


Without giving the very obvious plot away, Indominus Rex escapes and she is very upset.  In fact she goes mad and stomps about all over the place as she sees her very own all you can eat buffet of tourists all conveniently packed into a Disneyland style theme park. You can fill in all the gaps yourself but total chaos ensues and it takes Chris Pratt (Owen) and Bryce Dallas Howard (Claire) as the heroes to save the day. There are some little nods towards the original film ranging from one character wearing an original Jurassic Park t-shirt that he bought off ebay to the familiar music and even a rumour that the main character, Owen, is actually the grown up obnoxious little boy from the opening scenes of the first film. Jeff Goldblum and Sam Neill aren’t in it but that guy from Life of Pi is. There are a couple of kids who get lost, a love story that develops and a surprising yet bizarre twist to the relationship between man and dino.


All in all you can look at this film in one of two ways either it’s the same old Jurassic story rebooted for 2015 and as predictable as ever or it’s a pretty good way to spend a couple of hours watching a monster/disaster movie with some great effects. Personally I’ll take the latter, you know what you’re getting from this movie and it doesn’t disappoint. Its fun and easy to watch with some great memorable moments but I can see why its had mixed reviews. If you watch it not expecting too much then you’ll enjoy it so just take it for what it is before Jurassic Park V hits our screens very soon.


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