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Elysium 2013

I wanted to see this film when I saw the original trailer. It’s Computer Generated Imagery is awesome and some of the CG characters come really close to the camera and you still notice all the detail and realism. Their use of light is brilliant. Everything in Elysium is perfectly lit and everything on earth is just whatever light is available. Its really well thought out and its a fairly good story, there’s stuff in there that you have to say “yeah yeah” to, but they easily slip your mind as the film does keep you engaged, plus if they weren’t in there what would be the point in watching a film, especially a futuristic film.

Its full of action and CG, with some nice shots in there too. Finally I heard the soundtrack before I watched the film, and when i heard the music in the film it just wasn’t loud enough, there should have been more just music bits, because the soundtrack is really really epic.

Overall I really enjoyed this film, but sometimes it feels like things could have been a bit better, Its a definite watch. 7/10.


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