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Vince Cable Visits Solihull Apprentices


Solihull Chamber of Commerce are working on many initiatives within the Solihull business community and high on theirs and the Government’s agenda is apprenticeships.  Here the Chamber explain about a recent visit to Solihull by two Liberal Democrats from the coalition Government


Vince Cable and Lorely Burt visited Solihull College on 12th February to meet young apprentices. There is a huge Government push on apprenticeships hence the ministerial visit to the college. Vince spent about five minutes speaking to each company, of which there were five of us. He spoke to the apprentices about their experience to date and the reasons for taking this career path. He also spoke to all the employers to understand how an apprenticeship can be successful for all parties concerned.


With the continued emergence of new technologies and new business needs, we all recognise that the skills required to succeed tomorrow are different to the skills we need to succeed today. It is crucial to engage with schools, both junior and senior, because educating and encouraging our next generation is key to bridging the skills gaps.



Apprenticeships are a fantastic way to launch yourself into a job after you’ve left school or college. They’re also a great option if you’re already in employment and looking to improve your prospects. They can be life-changing and open doors to a bright new future.


Solihull Chamber moved into Solihull College last October in order to work closer with the college and to drive the skills agenda on a larger scale.

At Solihull Chamber we are working closely with our local schools to engage them with our businesses.

We practice what we preach and decided to take on our own apprentice last August. Chris Dunn is doing a level 2 business admin apprentice and is learning new skills and gaining experience, whilst training and getting paid.


For more information on apprenticeships and Solihull Chamber of Commerce visit

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