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Questions,Questions,Questions that should be asked!

As we mentioned in previous posts, finding the best estate agency is about asking them better questions. You need to find out from the agency what makes them different because if they were all the same, it would simply become a matter of fees . Estate agencies aren’t all the same, but most don’t know truly how they are different. They rely on the homeowner’s lack of industry awareness to charm and persuade them. Ask most estate agencies what makes them different from other agencies and you are most likely to hear a vague response, something along the lines of ” we have a genuine interest in helping you achieve the best price in the shortest time etc.” Of course, what they are really saying is ” We don’t get asked that question and I haven’t thought about it and if I had thought about it, I still wouldn’t know why we are different”. Contrast that with a professional estate agency who can reel off all the agency key metrics that DO make them different. “What makes us different? We achieve 99% of the asking price, we sell a home like yours in 35 days and 95% of the accepted offers proceed to completion” This is an estate agency that knows how it is different.

Having determined why the agency is different, it then becomes a matter of asking simpler questions to ensure you are getting value for your money. We will explore these next time.

If you need guidance or help with choosing the best estate agency, we are happy to help. Our web site, has plenty of information, a free download and our contact details.

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